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Aquatic Weed Control | Lake and Pond Algae Control

  Lake Masters Aquatic Weed Control, Inc., one of Florida’s largest lake management companies, is a stable, yet constantly growing, company that attributes its success to its people and its concern for the welfare of its customers. Lake Masters’ main business is providing lake management and aquatic weed control services for its customers. That means having knowledge of the needs of its customers and the best available tools for serving those needs. We can do that because our people are highly experienced, stay up to date on emerging technologies, and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service in the areas of lake weed control, pond algae control, etc.

Lake Management | Algae & Weed Control

  Water is one of the world’s most important resources. Lake Masters works to preserve that resource. It is our obligation to make certainof that beyond just striving to make lakes look good. We use best management practices to insure that they are healthy for the preservation of our environment, and a good home for the wildlife that shares it; algae control and lake management is our specialty. Our treatment methods not only are the safest available, but guarantee that local, state, and federal government regulations are complied with, and we back that up with the highest liability and pollution insurance coverage in the industry.

Lake Management Florida | Algae Control Florida

  Lake Masters has put together a team of employees with hundreds of years of combined experience. In addition, we attend educational seminars and meetings that allow us to be knowledgeable about any new techniques or herbicides that become available. We also participate in helping educate others in our industry so that we can share what we have learned and help improve our industry as a whole. These efforts, along with our experience has led to Lake Masters being recognized for excellence, and led to Bill Kurth, our Director of Operations, receiving several awards, including Best Management Practices in 2005, Applicator of the Year in 2007, and Sustainable Leadership in 2010 from SePRO Corporation, the leader in research and development of aquatic herbicides in the United States. Lake Masters has also participated in national advisory panels and conference calls with the EPA to help promote our industry. Lake Masters is dedicated to providing clean, healthy lakes for the good of our customers and our environment.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

  Lake Masters is also very proud that we manage the lakes and wetlands in over 40 communities and golf courses that have been recognized as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. This recognition is sought out by those that work diligently to insure that all of their practices are as environmentally sound as can be. This represents over 30% of the sanctuaries in Florida, and the fact that they choose Lake Masters shows their confidence in our methodology.

lake weed control

Amongst the services that we provide are:

Aquatic Weeds | Water Plants

  Our aquatic weed control program has been designed to achieve the highest level control with the safest and lowest volume of herbicide possible. Our method of control is designed to provide treatment when it will be most effective, taking season, temperature, growth stage of weeds and many other factors into account. Of course, every lake’s needs are different, and we adjust our treatments to suit each lake’s individual needs. Also, when dealing with a large system of lakes, the system must be considered as a whole in addition to the needs of an individual lake. We have maintained lakes in numerous communities that contain 50 or more lakes for many years, and that level of experience sets us apart. We treat weeds proactively, i.e. early and often, so that we get control of the weeds before they become a problem.

Wetland Management

  Our wetland and preserve maintenance focuses on efficient control of nuisance and exotic species while being careful not to damage existing native vegetation. After all, the preservation of native plants is the goal. We do not become too aggressive in our methodology in order to assure we control only the targeted weeds because we understand that due care is necessary to preserve beneficial native plants and to allow for lush growth of desirable wetland plants.

Littoral Planting | Lake Edge Planting | Aquatic Plants

  It is our philosophy to educate our clients about every aspect of lake management because we believe that an educated lake customer will be better able to make the right decisions for their lakes. And, Lake Masters will work hand in hand with our customers to help design a treatment plan that works best to fulfill their needs while acting in the best interests of the environment. We also don’t mind answering questions from general public who are not yet our customers. We do that because we are dedicated to the proposition that any time that we can help someone better understand what is going on in their lake we are providing a service that will improve the environment.

Golden Algae Control | Golden Algae Kills Fish

  Lake Masters is also proud of the fact that we have a specialized expertise regarding the control of Golden Algae, prymnesium parvum. Although uncommon in Florida until a few years ago, this devastating toxic algae can cause severe fish kills unless it is controlled. Lake Masters has been a pioneer in the control of Golden Algae, and numerous times we have prevented minor fish kills from becoming major ones. Please feel free to give us a call if you notice an unexplained fish kill, especially if it occurs in brackish water during the cool months. We may be able to help!

  Our concern for the environment, our dedication to quality and customer service, and our attention to detail enables us to deliver reliable customized programs that will make a dramatic difference in your lakes, waterways, and wetlands. Please contact us for a Free Survey. Your Choice is Clear!