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Fish Stocking

An important link in a thriving, well maintained aquatic ecosystem is a diverse fish population. Working in tandem with the State Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Lake Masters can assist you in analyzing, recommending and permitting for the introduction to Triploid Grass Carp into your waterways. Triploid Grass Carp and your customized maintenance program are designed to work together to control hydrilla and other floating and submersed weeds. We can also provide game fish for your recreational waterways. Call us for fish stocking services.

Will Triploid Grass Carp Work for You?

Before deciding to stock grass carp, it's important to identify the vegetation you want to control. Grass carp have definite food preferences. Hydrilla, Pondweeds and some other submersed weeds are preferred foods. Grass carp are not effective for the control of other types of submersed weeds such as Hygrophila or Bacopa, and are not effective for the control of filamentous algae (pond scum or moss). Grass carp can also have a negative impact on beneficial plantings. If you're not sure what's growing in your pond, call your Lake Masters representative and we'll provide you with a FREE survey.

Triploid grass carp are inexpensive compared to most other aquatic vegetation control methods because of their ten plus years of effectiveness. Keep in mind, however, that the types of plants these fish prefer may also be important for sportfish habitat and waterfowl food. Aquatic vegetation can be important in maintaining good fish communities and providing food for other wildlife species. Stocking grass carp may also result in algae blooms and reduced water clarity.



Tilapia are a tropical fish that consume filamentous algae. A healthy population can consume enough algae to dramatically improve the aesthetic value of a lake. They can also help limit the need for algaecides to control algae. Although they are a non native fish they are present in almost all lakes in the southern half of Florida. Sometimes we recommend stocking these fish in communities that have recurring algae problems, although it must be kept in mind that Tilapia can have other impacts on lakes that are unintended, so the decision to stock them must carefully weighed. Tilapia can reproduce in Florida lakes and often will do so frequently


Lakes in Florida tend to stock themselves. There are a lot of ways this occurs, but the bottom line is you do not have to stock for fish to show up. Dig a lake, and the fish will come. This process however, can be made to occur faster by adding game fish. Also, some times older lakes can have a break down in the fisheries. This can happen when too many fish are taken out of the system by predation. Eagles, Osprey, Cormorants, Anhinga, Alligators, Turtles, Otters and Fishermen all consume fish and can impact the population. If there is little vegetation in the lake then there are fewer hiding places for smaller or baby fish, so loss to predation can be even more severe. Another situation that can occur is that some part of the food chain gets disrupted. Bass feed on smaller fish, that feed on even smaller fish, that feed on crustaceans or insects, or weeds or algae. Sometimes, low nutrient lakes do not produce enough vegetation for the beginning of this food chain to sustain other forms of life in high levels. Eventually this means less food for the minnows, and on up the line. Stocking game fish, and forage fish for them to feed upon can restore the proper balance. Lake Masters can help make recommendations for a healthy eco system.

Lake Masters chooses to provide fish for our customers at an incredible value. Grass Carp and Tilpia can help control our herbicide costs. Keeping this in mind we provide them to our customers at a lower price. In addition we love seeing healthy populations of fish in the lakes we manage, so we try to provide game fish at a price where stocking is an option. There is no better sign of the health of a lake than to see great wildlife populations that many times depend on fish. And there is nothing better than seeing the smile on the face of a happy fisherman catching a big one in a recreational lake.

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